6/18: Legislation and Orlando Bloom capture media attention

This week's analysis looks at our social engagement graph. The x-axis (horizontal) shows the number of published stories in a category, and the y-axis (vertical) represents the social engagement that category got over the week. The categories have been determined by our software's A.I. as the most predominant themes in news conversation since last Friday.

This week's top 4 takeaways:

1. Joe Manchin is back in the limelight.

While the national election bill requires 60 votes for a successful passage, Manchin remains the one Senate Democrat expressing reservations about the legislation, and has appealed for compromise with the Republican minority, a proposal endorsed by Dem. superstar Stacey Abrams. Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, rejected Manchin's proposed compromise this week.

Frustrations over Manchin's reservations have found repercussions in his home state of West Virginia: Black leaders have warned that his holdout may cost him their support.

2. Few states receive specific attention

This week, we only see a few states receiving name recognition in news media attention:

Texas makes the news as V.P. Kamala Harris plans to meet with Texas Democrats after their walkout killing the GOP election integrity bill at the end of the last legislative session. Gov. Abbott plans to make election integrity a priority in the upcoming special session.

Michigan appears as the Senate this week voted to expand voter I.D. requirements in a voting security push by the Michigan GOP. The measure, passed along party lines, is the first to pass out of the GOP's proposed 39-bill package.

Arizona continues to draw attention with their election audit, which has been slammed by critics across the country. The audit has inspired new energy in similar movements in Pennsylvania, and, this week, Michigan, where the GOP demands a similar action take place. Widespread election fraud was nonexistent in the 2020 election.

3. Republican support of Juneteenth, new federal holiday, met with criticism

Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday is certainly good news.

However, many Americans have expressed criticism of the Republican support of the bill as the GOP refuses to pass the For the People Act that many see as a protection of rights for Black Americans.

4. Orlando Bloom makes his voting rights debut

While Bloom may not have received much media attention, social media went crazy for Bloom and his partner Katy Perry after they appeared in a dystopian short film calling for voting rights legislation.

The film was produced by anti-corruption organization RepresentUs - the org also got movie star Jennifer Lawrence to speak on behalf of the For the People Act.

While celebrities may not have any actual power in Congress, their national appeal draws a lot of attention from the public. Celebrity endorsements of such legislation may inspire citizens to contact their representatives, putting pressure on elected officials.

We'll see you next week.