6/23: Beehive of activity in election legislation

We're keeping it short and sweet this week.

As we sail through June, election legislation continues to make national headlines, and legislators nationwide debate election security, voting reform, and redistricting maps.

Those election laws continue to takeover the news: the most-covered topic this week was all the "other" states' election laws: i.e. laws that were being passed outside of Georgia, Florida, or Texas, the states that have amassed the most attention.

We see Texas ranked in the ninth slot as conversation revolves around the Governor, who has pledged to call a special legislative session in order to pass the restrictive voting measures put forth by Texas Republicans.

The failure of the For the People Act in a Senate vote this week also makes our top ten; right alongside news coverage specifically focusing on the Republican blocking of the bill. While failure to pass was no surprise, it certainly deals a blow to one of the Democrats' signature legislation packages they put forth this session.

Social media continues to creep up the ranks as discussion around big platforms' limits on speech resurges. Florida passed legislation attempting to prohibit social media platforms from banning politicians accounts - the action has not inspired similar legislation anywhere else in the country.

Overall, this week we're seeing the continuity of work that has occurred in previous weeks and months. The fight is still ongoing on both sides of the aisle.

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